a poem by Rani Turton, France

Walk beside me a while, let me feel
Your presence; your absence surreal,
Often present; the lack of a presence
Now has past: the past, though is still present.
Bemused, my thoughts often take flight.

Walk beside me a while, I will see
Your lenghtening shadow melt into mine
The air we breathe fragrant with sweet delight:
We can speak and smile or sulk or sigh
The clouds will look down and sail right on by.

Walk beside me, let me feel again
The presence without the pain
Now that’s what I call melancholic delight
You, your presence, your shadow, your voice
Befuddle my definitions of wrong and right.

Walk beside me, for a while, do
You can, you could and you surely can
Grant what I’ve asked you for so long
Just to make another memory or to write
These paltry lines into another paltry song.

Copyright: Rani Turton

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