no resp cookie CREATION SPEAKS, a poem by Sharon Du preez, New Zealand


a poem by Sharon Du preez, New Zealand

I see the mountains with peaks of white
The setting sun lighting them ablaze
A butterfly flutters from plant to plant
Beauty around me transfixing my gaze

I see tulips slowly opening their hearts
To the bustling bees going about their day
A cottonwool cloud floats slowly by
The breeze ripples the mirrorlike bay

I see a horse majestic and strong
Gallop across an emerald plain
The clouds push together in a black frenzy
The world explodes with the smells of rain

The world is filled with colours and smells
Flavours and sights, feelings and fears
With rainbows and wonder and thunderous sounds
And many more things which nobody hears

All was made by our awesome creator
For our enjoyment, to use and admire
And my soul is filled to overflowing
With love and worship - a consuming fire.

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