The Icelandic Volcano

a poem by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen, Denmark

The Icelandic Volcano

Such a beauty to the eye
Of immense height
That blends in the sky!

Like a sleeping princess,
She dances with mankind
In their waking and sleeping.

But in a shining April
2010 in a budding spring time
she vomits her lava and smoke.

Strangely enough, her beauty
Ejects fire and black smoke
that suffocate the sky

Thousands of flights are halted
Passengers are stranded.
Flight companies lose their assets.

Who can tell that
Such an immense beauty
Can prick us all to fear
the fury of mother nature?

The 2oth of April, the sixth day after the eruption of the volcano in Iceland, handicapping the European travel agencies and reviving fear in the travelling passengers. 63,000 flights, cancelled and millions of euro currencies are lost each day. (EPO)

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