The Old School House

a poem by Linda Bates Terrell, USA

Stairs worn down deep
colors of clay brown
and steep
Years pressed
deep indented footprints
Up and down the steps
two steps at a time
long legged boys sprint
Railing knotched of age
Oh, that big gymansium stage
Where plays were performed so well
Parents and kids for sports did yell
Those dark red velvet curtains hung
Daily eight o'clock bells rung
Days spent, arithmatic work and fun
Raised, heated windows, releif of the sun
Recess always a common delight
March brings flying kites, to new heights
Boys run upon those sinder outdoor tracks
Girls cookies from Home Ec. fun snacks
Days of long ago joyfully spent
Some memories yet recalled, too absent
They tore it down, as it sagged with age
The old school is now gone, all turned the page
The bricks piled high upon empty lawn
It brings to progress a new days dawn
Once where many kids gathered so long ago
Their school spirit once bightly soared
And all that walked the halls
once loved it so

Linda Terrell
April 20, 2010

A tribute to the old brick school houses with deep indented wooden steps where many kids once walked up and down them daily.

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