In The Days of Noah's Flood

a poem by Dwayne Leon Rankin, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

In those days of Biblical lore.
Throughout the earth the violence bore.
The hearts of man were dark indeed,
Corruption there had taken seed.

It grieved the LORD in what He made,
In judgment there, all must be paid.
But grace was found for Noah there,
In God's eyes, his life to spare.

A command was given there to him,
For all the earth was looking grim.
Build an ark the LORD then said,
So that some may live instead.

Noah did what he was told,
He built an ark strong to hold.
To hide them from that judgment day,
And bring them through alive to stay.

Into that ark then all went in,
Noah's family seen free from sin.
Beasts as well from all the earth,
Male and female to start rebirth.

For seven days they entered all,
Before the waters made their call.
The fountains of the deep broke free,
From the earth for all to see.

The windows of the heavens too,
Opened all. Those waters flew.
Ne'er before had rain been found,
Falling there upon the ground.

Noah before had preached for years,
Causing most their laughter's tears.
Most did not, those words there heed,
But continued on with their own dark deed.

Until the day the waters came,
And so on them fell all their shame,
Judgment brought to them that day,
Eight souls left alive to stay.

Forty days and nights it poured,
The pleas and cried there, God ignored.
Destruction brought by waters rush,
And finished by the deluge crush.

One hundred fifty days went by,
Those waters on the earth did lie.
Many times a bird went out,
Searching for dry land about.

In given time, there was to tell,
Upon dry land that ark did dwell.
In Ararat those mountains there,
Those eight souls did depart with care.

An alter there did Noah build,
With savor sweet, the air was filled.
Smelling thus the LORD did state,
The earth shall no more meet this fate.

No more shall He curse the ground,
By a flood of waters there in found.
Even though there in man's heart,
Evil lurked there from the start.

Seed time there with harvest shown,
Cold and heat will both be known.
Day and night in seasons lain,
The earth as is shall now remain.

For a sign that all may see,
There God put a rainbow free.
Sitting there above the earth,
God's promise there did give it birth.

So when you look up ever high,
Looking at the moistened sky.
And see God's rainbow shining through,
Then you'll know God's Word is true.

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