the battle

a poem by Charles Fisher, UK

At the feet of the moon
Five stars sat
Make room,make room,make room
Three in the centre shouted
The two stars in the wings
Formed the ridges of an angel shield
That's battered and bruised
Reach inside the sword of the doom does try
But each blow that's within reach
The eye of the good sword is to strong
Keeps the God of doom at arms length
In the form of a serpent with three heads
That has devoured the fresh of the earth
Set the sun ablaze with hate
Burn to ash the once all powerful sun
Now the battle is brutal between the keeper
Of the heavenly gate and the God of hate
St Peter scroll has ran out space
Ink of blue has turned red
To replaced the blood that's been shed
The moon is the last strong hold before heaven
Numberless pure angels wings cindered burned
Over them dark angels proudly stand
Stand behind St Micheal and Thor
New legions from heaven come forth
With swords of freshed steel and steely shields
Spears tip in flames of pure white doves
In legions of four they stood shaped like a shield
To protect the queen of heaven and child jesus
The battlegroup of angels gaved battle cry
The king of host shall live
At the front King David knelt down
With the Arthur's sword between his knees
Kissed the cross of truth then stood up
Across the whole universe heavenly angel trumpets heard
In the middle of the shield St Micheal waved
His sword forwards like a Zulu chief shield
Rows of pure angels poured forward
A might charge a might clash
The universe shooked at the sound of the blow
Into the hordes of dark angels they struck
Lines of dark angels collapsed in heaps
Horror the survivors flee in disarray
The serpent one head now remained
The other two were destroyed
One by Thor's hammer
The second by St Michal's shield
The third head fought with a devilish hate
It clawed and snapped and the fires
From hell the dragon tried to scortch all before
But to no avail the God of doom suceed
Angels with spears tip in flames of dove
Thrust into the beast heart
A great wail from the heart of hell heard
To the four corners of the universe
St David with the righteous sword struck
The final blow by striking to the centre of the beast head
The God of doom now lay dead
Evil blood flowed from the dead beast
Evil blood flowed from the dead fallen dark angels
Formed a new ocean of evil
At the footstool of the five stars
The spirit of the dove set this evil ocean afire
Changed the evil water into pure water

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