Boats From Troubled Lands

a poem by Rani Turton, France

How long on the lapping waters
Crowded, hungry and cold
Each heave of the boat and we thought
This flimsy bucket couldn't hold.

Night after night, we huddled and prayed
Mother don't weep if you don't hear from me
Now, only now will I come to know if
I shall ever be free.

On my this boat from yonder troubled land
I packed my mind, body, dreams
To try and reach that far beach.

Like specks of sand that wait for tides
Like stars that crowd the sky
And leaves that tumble from the trees
We try, we fight, we survive
And we have often asked ourselves why
Destiny has passed us by.

Now comes the lightening of the dawn
Another day for destiny's pawn.

Copyright: Rani Turton

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