a poem by Sasha Kasoff, USA

In just three words,
Strung together
Murmured, whispered, shouted, sang
There lives a most profound feeling
That is never quite the same

Lapsing in sense
We all partake in this forbidden fruit
For even though it may not last
It even may not be true
But those in it’s grips
Have forgotten all fear

Oaths are sworn and believed to be unbreakable
But often unravel and fall apart
Like an old book in tatters without a binding
This thing can be fleeting as a firework
Or enduring as stone
It all depends on the participants whim

Very unwise, if you ask me
To be so vulnerable and trusting
Surely such folly is rare, I pray
But we mortals thrive in chance and danger
And I must admit, I too am no stranger

Every fool knows this drug
The euphoria, the warmth,
The illusion of safety
So often shattered
The taste of mistakes learned
As tears waterfall in their joyless escape

You would be wise to avoid it all together
But alas, I know, someday you too
Shall be caught in this inevitable flow
Some lady or gent will sweep you away
And nothing can be seen the same from that day

Oh, how I wish I could spare you the pain
But there is a brighter side
With all the world to gain
Just take it slow
Like learning to fly –
You either soar or you die

Ultimately, there is nothing I can do
No way to teach you
Or make you understand
It’s good to give advice
But you have to live your life first hand

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