a poem by Paul Butters, UK

For billions of years the galaxies swarmed,
A storm of stars and worlds.
On rocky planets mountains grew
And countless landscapes graced those myriad skies.
Lovely vistas often bathed in sun.

And yet those rocks saw nothing of these
Splendid views.
Inert, they could not sense
The beauty of it all.
That sunshine dazzled,
Or rather
Did Not,
With not a single eye to see.
In essence all was black
And Nothingness prevailed.

Until, that is, in certain realms,
Life sprang into being:
Providing Light that only sentience can bring.
A play must have an audience
And We are here
To see
And feel
Or any way you will,
Just Sense.

Paul Butters or Skryboss

(C) Yorkshire, Wednesday 12\5\2010 at 14.40.

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