a poem by Aadhila NHK, France

O,Vainglorious Critic,
your vicious arrows
won't touch my art
as it comes from heart.

O,Soulless Human,
realize the sensible souls,
who labors the creative pain,
that's a wonderful gain.

O,Demanding One,
As a boomerang,it may hurt
that you are senseless
to name my child "worthless".

O,Shuddering Soul,
Your harshness shivers you.
So overturn and see my dear,
your contradictions,clear!

O,Courageous "You",
Don't indulge in pride;
to end your life,
in others laugh.

O,Pompous Shooter,
Your outrageous "citicisms",
to me,it's a song of tribute,
which enlightened my thought.

my unrelenting End-Rhymes
again.In your brain,it's ringing,
in front of your eyes,it's dancing.

O,Mature Lore,
Show the wisdom of age.
Your words are my oil,
in which you will boil.

O,Childish Butcher,
Take your dissection box,
for an anonymous boast;
To me,it has no cost.

O,Scientific Spirit,
Let me post and prove,
Pen is mightier than "swords"
And we will "leaps and bounds".

O,Poor Being,
To me you are a Chameleon.
Without any "ground rule";
I will "overflow" my role.

O,My Fuel,
Let me walk and run,
For this is the lovely lane,
And my lilt of lifeline.

O,Sadistic Lover,
You are an eternal coal!
But now I can claim,
That I am cool and calm.

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