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As the world turns...
As the world tries to understand
Without asking why disaster happens.
Everyday we love,conceive,bleed and in the end
We leave when disaster happens...
Why does something catastrophic have to happen
For us to stand together...
We breathe as one...
We bleed as one...
When Katrina shattered upon us
Our own nation turned it's back as if we
Were a disease and needed to be quarantine.
Get the picture and learn the meaning.
It left an everlasting effect.
People are still homeless...
When a tsunami rose to high heaven
We stood together...
So my question again is
How come we only come together when nature calls?
We fight world wars and have never gotten along.
War after war after war after war and still we haven't learned.
It was written...
And history will continue to repeat itself if we don't take heed.
Six dregrees of separation...
But when disaster happens,
We as a nation must stand together.
Love one another with no strings
Despite my skin color...
Despite my english and how I speak it.
Cuz in the end...
It won't make no bit of difference!

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