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Once upon a time there was a magical place, and at night everything came to life.
A secret garden called Eden…
To this day it still exist, the only trick is where exactly is it?
Water fountains shaped like stallions...
Real and Chunky who were already nestle began to cuddle.
Mirror, mirror in front of me who is the fairest lover there could ever be?
Chunky Peanut quickly replied “the apple of my eye and that could only be you Ahmad“.
In the moonlight the lovebirds would sing do-ra-mi-fa-so-la-ti.
Real and Chunky weren’t the only ones in the garden,
There were talking parrots and lots and lots and lots of bunny rabbits.
This magical place had hidden treasures and all life’s answers.
Peaches and pears trees, fuchsia petunias, and azaleas bushes.
During the day the garden was quiet but the holy spirit lived in it.
Everything may has seem sound asleep but there was a special closeness.

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