A Ride On A Shooting Star

a poem by Shaunda Yvette, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

Feeling like,
What’s left…
I can’t help but to think to myself…
Is there anything else..
Would anyone notice
Me missing from the picture.
On a rainy night like tonight
My pathway is out of sight.
The moon is blacken by clouds
That snuck up out of nowhere.
Sometimes I wish I could snap
My fingers and disappear
Into thin air like the moon…
Or better yet,
Hitch a ride on a shooting star.
My heavenly father can’t be that far.
Not that anyone would notice me
Missing from the picture..
And as it continues to rain,
My feelings remain the same.
I just want to disappear.
No one will ever understand
How it feels to be me.
Able to express my deepest feelings
And still..
No one cares to read them.
My waters run deep…
But when I think about it,
No one cares but me………

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