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When I was a little girl I loved riding the merry-go-round.

Now a days they have a two for one special when you come as a couple.

Listen closely, can you hear the sounds in the background.

Chunky Peanut is a naughty horsey, always blowing kisses at the stallionaire with the long hair.

With all of God's greatest creations she has a secret hiding place.

My thoroughbred, you won't find him at the county fair
Tucked deeply there's a carousel near a wishing well.

My black stallion, you'll find him there.

I just adore horses, ever heard of the one of a different color?

In a vision I saw one as my husband.

When they change colors a wish is granted and the merry-go-round starts to go round and round.

With matching saddles they all change to light purple.

Do you hear that, it's Chunky Peanut's giggle, she's blowing kisses...

Oh you missed it,next time listen closely when it's peaceful.

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