a poem by Joseph Chukwudiegwu Osita, Nigeria

Have we but peace on earth
Would the mafias of Mexico murder Marcus Marquez?
When the sun sails silently to sleep in its sacred sea
Darkness dares with dexterity
Another dicey night dedicated to diary of the dead
This menace of mafias' magic wand
Turns the heart into drums
That drums a million times faster than normal
Doors pushed tight against motionless walls
To quench the knock of death
While in the morning
A cry of lost slaps their fainted faces
Land of Reynosa, i think
Has some tales of terror to tell

Have we but peace on earth
Would the sons of Jacob
Barricade the sons of Ishmael?
At the gate of gate of Gaza
Where one toy each others life
And anger, frustration and despair
Eat there haunted hearts
But the book of heaven we read
Say they share the same with

Have we but peace on earth
Will clan of vampires posses Iraq?
When at a tick before a tack
A bomb-blast batter people's patience
And blood-flow fancy the street
Of when congealed turn stones
Good companion with fear, despair and grief

Have we but peace on earth
Would the marauding Mohammedans of Northern-Nigeria
Maintain the menace of slaughtering Christ-like Children?
Where mass-grave of battered bodies took possession of our earth
While Mothers gaze the fresh-blood-gush of their toothless children
Like the virgin whose son died in Golgotha
To the Muslims, I say assalam mallaku
And to the Christians, I cry let there be peace
Have we but peace a little on earth
The world will be but a place
Where 'Garden of Eden' bows without murmur

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