Mother of nature

a poem by Joseph Chukwudiegwu Osita, Nigeria

Darkened sky, swollen and sighed
All agents rendered their services.
Gunner of gave her gun salute
And mother of nature
Rained in styles
Deaf-struck earth stood and drunk
Till got flaccid and loosed

Me, messenger of my belly
Pierced way through the vomiting earth
Flood in frown fencing my way.
It barked words my brain don’t fancy
And whispered I did to my trousers and shoes
But they refused to heed the message
I think they are thirsty of water too
They got drenched and drunk

I made way to the market square
Where crowded umbrellas sing hymns in the sky
I saw a woman sagging under her trade
Of coconut and groundnut, her all and all
I sighed and nodded
Against this green agony
Mounting a monument in my heart
Of herds of poverty grazing hard my people
While our leaders lick our resources

I sagged on, canopied by my tattered umbrella
Till food-stuff whispered into my ears
I bought tomatoes, fish and fresh forest pepper.
Back home, it drums hard still
Ants of y belly now bite my intestine
Straight to the kitchen, I headed
And the food done; my belly served

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