Our gods and the opening ceremony in South Africa

a poem by Joseph Chukwudiegwu Osita, Nigeria

At the dark portion of the world,
Where civilization is not a conqueror,
I live, a live so contented.
When the testicle of a brass bell
Crashed with the walls of its corners
And sent its stammering sound that sobbed
Across Atlantic Ocean via the mercies of eastern wind
The metallic gods of Europe,
The scientist gods of America,
Inscrutable faces of Buddha
And Black gods of Africa
Gathered like swarm of bees
At the sacred shrine of Zulu
Under the canopy of crumbling houses
Kneeled the guest gods
While the golden idol of FIFA
Sited at the secret sanctuary
Baptism begun in splashes
Beneath the smiling surface of Zambezi
In the glory of our gods
Descended the dove to witness
The birth of a new world
Where hatred and racial discrimination does not exist.
Cloud of incense moving in Brownian movement,
Appeased the gods and our ancestors
They masked vultures and owls
Which hovered happily above our hallowed heads
Chaka the great of Zululand
And Ajani goddess of equality were not exception
Their myths shared in styles
Defiled at the recitation of the paternoster
When the world was but young.
Our dazzling dancers delighted the day.

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