a poem by Drsudarsan Damodar Prasad, India - poetry writer, author, poet

After the roar of the crowd
The seats are empty
The stadium deserted
The ball is abandoned
And thrown away

How it sailed
Accompanied by deafening roars
How the net moved-
Spelling doom
For one team

How the scorer leaped
And jumped
Punched the sky
How the team members
Elated and excited
Piled on top of each other
And collapsed in a heap

How the rival team
Shook their heads
In grief and disbelief
It is our death knell:
The sudden death goal

Now the ball is abandoned
Harbinger of Joy
And sorrow
In turn for the teams
Abandoned and dead
Lying still ,
Uncared for and long dead

After the roar of the crowd
What remains is the dismay
After the game is finished
Of a game of life-
On a level playing ground
Called the football field !
Thoughts penned after seeing the last and dying moments of
the Germany- Spain Semifinal at the world cup football !

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