a poem by Abigail Sarah Hadley, UK

I'm trapped inside a prison, and there's no way out
All the walls are sound-proofed, no-one hears me shout.
No crime has been committed, I'm not punished by the courts,
But every door is guarded by my own destructive thoughts.
My body is my prison, my mind's become my cell,
Self opinions are abusive, life's a living Hell.
The prison is disguised, with make-up and a smile,
I'm laughing and I'm joking, but I'm hurting all the while.
No time-out for "good behaviour", the sentence never ends,
I'm in solitary confinement, even with my friends.
There's no escape from mental prisons, the walls are built too high,
Pain and torture are reality, my time's spent asking "Why?"
Self-hatred leaves you captive, destroys you piece by piece,
Truth's the key to unlock the cell, and help the pain to cease.
But who can find the truth when you live a life of lies,
And everyday your self-respect fades...until it dies!

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