As Tender As The Rose

a poem by Dwayne Leon Rankin, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

As tender as a silky rose,
Found in that scented breeze.
Gently throughout all it blows,
Bringing forth its peace.

Yet 'midst the tender pedals flow,
Are dangers kept from sight.
Upon the slender stems that grow,
Thorns that prick with might.

Still beauty there for all to see,
In gladness all are found.
In happiness these wonders be,
With joy all now abound.

Yet pain there comes by holding tight,
When choosing one to hold.
Pricked by thorns there hid from sight,
Their sting, they now unfold.

And like the rose, it's beauty sought,
Found growing in the heart.
Be careful of the pain that's brought,
Seen tearing all apart.

With Gentleness let love there grow,
That's found there deep inside.
Be careful of those thorns to know.
In gentleness abide!

Oh Maiden Fair
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