a poem by Olomolehin John, Nigeria

My dad's exit is the greatest shock
that almost caused my heart to knock

It suddenly hit me like an arrow
pierced me to the marrow

And my wholeness collapsed into grief
with emptiness and shattering unbelief

Firstly, i could not fathom the depth
later, i wished i too could sleep in death

For a chance of last conversation
maybe he'd feel me and consider a resurrection

Tears froze in my duct, i could not cry
my eyes and throat were bitter and dry

Endless thought of time with dad
exerted pressure thet nearly made me mad

Suddenly he rose from his body
unreachable and seen by nobody

My mind swung from sanity to insanity
no one felt it or came to give me liberty

Everything in the mortuary became tinted
and finding no light i gave up and fainted

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