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A billionaire married a beautiful actress- equally talented in her craft. Later he found to his dismay one thing : She acts out love beautifully for money - in real life too!
My Boss was having monsoon blues!Heavy down pour has landed all the flights permanently on the ground. All his plans for a Hawaaian Holiday ( A business trip with his pretty secretary on record)has gone down the drain with the rain water.
Crime never pays. But criminals get paid heavily. Look at the income of the rogue law keepers- you know what I mean!
Corruption has a permanent bed mate- that is politics
If words could solve problems, politicians would have
become angels overnight! Hell's angels are worried that soon there will be an accommodation problem for new inmates soon!
You bet!
There are a few things left unpolluted in this world: Mother's love is certainly one. Mother's milk , I am not so sure, because of what she eats in the course of a single day!

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