Dog's Life

a poem by Paul Butters, UK

Smell that lovely stuff!
Yummy. Tastes good too.
A waft of frying bacon.
He’s let me out.
Let’s scout.
Another dog. Well, bitch.
A car. Belongs to my two owners.
Feet. Shoe leather. Scent.
Will make my mark.
Cut grass. Flowers. Mixed aromas.
Birds have been here.
Cat! More people. More dogs.
Bins. Mould. Old food. Paper. Plastic. Polythene.
Cigarette smoke. Cigars. Beer. Wine.
The man next door is out having a sneaky fag.
Time to go in.

Paul Butters

(C) Yorkshire, Wednesday 28th July, 2010. At 11.25.

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