Jennycat and The Dogs

a poem by Paul Butters, UK

Jenny the cat is wick today,
But not in a sexual way.
She rolls over on her back,
Tempting you to tickle her chest,
Then pounces!
Liking to bite
Or hug you tight.

When she settles,
It’s time to be stroked
And be a Purrsian pussycat.

But oh, the dogs are here,
Bounding about.
With Max the lab prancing forward
Loving to tease
Like a Meerkat with a snake.
Turning then,
To groom the female beagle’s ears
For the thousandth time.
“Promise” the beagle that is –
Very aptly named.

A car engine can be heard.
Rough, rough barks Max
And charges to the door,
Promise fast behind.
They charge around,
Demented doggies
Losing their heads
In a frenzy
Of excitement.
Scoffing the cat’s food on their way.

Well, that’s two more minutes
Of the animal day.

Paul Butters

(C) Yorkshire. Wednesday 28\7\2010. At 18.40.

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