The red, white, and blue.

a poem by Linda Bates Terrell, USA

The little boy,
You feared the night,
Growing daily holding Gods light.

The young lad
away to fight, leaving so sad,
But life's sacrifice, you were glad.

Now the grown man,
Your heart still so true
Beats for the red white and blue.

Once a scared boy
Oh you've come so far,
Your bravery glistens
in the night, now bright as a star.

Linda Terrell
July 31, 2010

Many small young boys once frightned of the night,
Huddled beneath thier covers so tight.
Grew to be such brave men, to sacrifice and fight.
Fighting with for glory, equality, and freedom.
Thanks to our returning and fallen soldiers for their constant sacrifice.
For some......
When the battle ends, they come back home
No more to fight or roam.
But within their minds and hearts too,
Each like Gods angels, to him so true,
The battle horrors linger deep in their souls, yet so true.
True, yes for the red, the white, and the blue.
We thank you.

From The Beginning

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