a poem by Olomolehin John, Nigeria

Today,my idol was lowered into the grave
where he would rot and decompose
perhaps he would fertilize
the surrounding vegetations
and give them uniqueness
like he had been among men

In the lonely corner of my room
tears fill my eyes to the brim
His wonders had swept my heart
like a heavy wind across a desert
and i became addicted to all appearances
of him in the news, posters,trials,shows.......

Greatness spread over him bountifully
like a harvest of grains from a fruitful field
and he infected his countless admirers
with an uncommon passion
as thick as family love
even at ocean-wide distance from him

Bitter tears have turned to ink
with which i write my heart out
But with time your memories
would add up to the speed
that sets my heart racing
to achieve its dream

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