Besieged Are We In Lonely Haunts

a poem by Darryn John Murphy, New Zealand - poetry writer, author, poet

My thoughts yearn in the field of dreams
While I listen, beside the passionate stream
Moonlight lingers in the wind
To utter thoughts that dwell within

Passionate feelings reside inside
And I am bathed in beautiful light
Beacon of thy sanctum estuary
Written path in inside my entry

Passionate are the feelings shared
Within the passage that I share
Where now I walk with feeble toes
Like a thorn among the rose

For it is written in my heart
All the feelings, which I impart
For the heart yearns through the passage of time
And it is written in my rhymes

Delicately, I listen in
To utter feelings kept within
For the heart yearns, with what it wants
Besieged are we in lonely haunts

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