tidy up

a poem by Charles Fisher, UK

In the ice bucket
absent of ice
four beers stand the test of the birthday time
cooling in the chilled ice
all the previous tenants had a good time

Clean after the party
insert the empty bottles in a bag
all the empty cans emptied in the recycle bin
the party rubbish emptied in the rubbish bin

The buffet left overs
all in one platter now
mouths nipple at left over sandwiches
the children and her man
get underneath her feet
crumbs don't dare drop she said
with an icy stare
don't even dare

mob and hoover
and washed
the kitchen and the living room floor
dust the tables and replaced the displaced ornaments
on the mantle piece and the tables
where the birthday cards stood
in their moment of glory
each card held a friendship story

Dishes washed and dish towel cleaned
put away in cupboards not to be seen

Now she sat on her comfy armchair
her feet rest on the leg rest
take a rest then head upstairs
the rooms are in a mess
there's just no rest
for a mother in her nest

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