Beautiful Walnut Tree

a poem by Linda Bates Terrell, USA

I look up to see
Our big walnut tree
Spreading limbs
Breezes, singing it's hymns
Towers above, autumns descend
Fruitful branches, each extend
Delicious walnuts imminent
Eacha pungint sent,
Leaves, dozens flying,brownish gold
Tree soars, alone, so bold
Soon it casts about
With out a single doubt
Autumn has begun.

Now one by one
It drops your young
Plop, plop,then flop
To the ground,
It's own, common sound
Each for a time, depends
All of thyme, each a rhyme
Oh the echo of Gods glory
Again and again, plop, flop
As it sings it's own similar song
It's own beauty, strong trunk
Each walnut, plunk then flop
Another one, another one,
Again flop, plop upon the roof

Linda Terrell
August 13,2010

Sometimes I get into a hurry and have to go
back to correct the errors later. If I have time.

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