Ramayana (34) Rama Sees Sita's Jewels

a poem by Rajaram Ramachandran, India - poetry writer, author, poet

Sugreeva heard Rama’s story,
And touched by the calamity,
He told Rama not to worry,
As he would find Sita early.

“We saw, one day, a lady
Who made a hue and cry,
In a chariot moving on the sky,
For reasons not known why?”

“She was crying “Oh Rama,
I’m here. Oh Lakshmana,”
As she saw us from the sky,
Sita, it must be, from her cry.”

“This bundle she threw,
When up above they flew,
And we kept it safely here.
Confirm if it belongs to her.”

The jewels Sugreeva gave him,
Each one was examined by Ram,
He saw Sita in each one of them.
To kill the demons, he was firm.

“I’ve lost my kingdom,
Along with my freedom
I live now in disgrace,
My wife taken by force.”

“Yet I control my sorrow,
Despite my limited narrow
Movement inside this hill,
‘Cause of my strong will.”

“If a Vanara can do this,
You can also easily do this.
So control your grief now,
Plan for a way out how?”

“Kill my brother first,
And make me a king next,
I’ll get more work forces,
And other better resources.”

Rama agreed to the proposal,
And vowed for the disposal,
Of his brother Vali soon,
And gave him this boon.

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