Ramayana (38) Hanuman Crossing The Ocean

a poem by Rajaram Ramachandran, India - poetry writer, author, poet

Where Sita as prisoner was kept,
Thro’ Sampati Vanaras learnt.
A hundred yojanas in distance,
She was a prisoner of that place.

The problem was to cross the sea,
For any one of them to go and see,
But none had the strength to try,
Across the ocean to jump or fly.

Jambavan, the oldest bear told,
That he was infirm and too old
To take up this misadventure,
But Hanuman could do this venture.

Anjana, his mother, bore a child,
Blessed by Vayu, the Wind-God,
Mighty in strength, most intelligent
Amongst Vanaras, quite diligent.

He took the sun to be a fruit,
As a child, flew to pick it.
And was struck by Indra down,
Jaws broken, he fell on a mountain.

The Wind-God, his father,
Stopped the flow of air,
All creatures went breathless
And suffered in stillness.

The Gods begged his father,
To lay aside his anger,
Boons they gave to Hanuman,
And went back to Heaven.

No weapon could slay him.
No death could conquer him.
He was a blessed immortal.
He can fly in the air as well.

Hanuman’s morale went up,
Mighty strength he picked up,
He jumped high on the sky,
Towards Lanka started to fly.

Mynaka, the mountain,
Lying in the mid-ocean,
Offered a place for rest,
But he overlooked it.

On the way, a huge demon,
Kept its mouth wide open,
But he came out, reduced to a fly,
And continued to go in the sky.

At the end of his journey fast,
Lanka’s shore, he reached at last.
He took his normal shape,
And alighted on its hilltop.

The richness of the city,
He saw them in plenty,
In the form of mountains,
Forests, rivers and fountains.

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