a poem by Oredola Olamilekan Ibrahim, Nigeria

Under the scorching sun
In the arid sunny desert
We came running, gasping for air
With high degree,with drying throat
We roam the desert, like mad bulls
Like ghosts out of purgatory restive!
We roam indefatigably, searching...
Wanting water,wanting Comforter.

Then, the still steps, the surprise scene
Yonder our gaze is our succour search
An Oasis!
Then with a faster tune we played it there
But...our imaginations, beaten!
Round the Oasis, the thorny thorns...
The venoms flicker,claws and shrieking points
The darkness of poison hovering in silence
Firing eyes,shinning blades, all in mask!
Then we stop,protesting in silence, Oh!
Spiders groaning under the mighty hoof
The hoofs of ants on Trojan horses.

What else...?
In resignation of a subdued fate
Slowly we drag our feet to vote
To vote at the spring of doom...
We each took a gulp of thirstiness...
And wait patiently...silently...
My brother...wriggling waiting
For the tune of this heartless piper
For the outcome of our helpless drinking
The drinks from the OASIS OF DOOM!


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