a poem by Drsudarsan Damodar Prasad, India - poetry writer, author, poet

Happy B’day Oh Lord!
One of the finest –faces of God,
Learned , Virtuous and magnanimous
Befriend and Guide
The gutsy warrior and
Become his invincible shield!

Preached ‘Gita’ *on a battle field
For life, is none other than –
A battle field

Indeed a hard –
And fearsome battle field
One fights his inner nature
And the obstinate mind
Covered with desires young and old

“Work is worship
Do your best
Leave the rest
To God and his noble heart

Seek perfection
In work and not its transient fruit
Sweet or bitter fruit
Only time will tell ! “

“Be unattached
Like a dancing
Drifting drop
On a lotus leaf,
Destiny ‘s ways
Are unknown and hard-
To comprehend
Trust in the Lord
And put your best foot forward!”

I could write for an aeon
Yet, the wisdom you preached
Will remain
Beyond and defies description

Happy Birthday Oh Lord!
May your words of wisdom
Take roots in the fertile soil
Of our subservient and obedient mind
Yesterday ( 1-09-10) was the birth anniversary Of Lord Krishna – the preacher of ‘ Gita’ ,the epitome of all Indian philosophy and also the elixir of spirituality!

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