a poem by Nancy Ellen Crossland, USA

My name blazing across a cinema marquee
Alas, I shall never see,
Though every day we all must play
A bit of the drama queen;
A world class chef
I'll have to forget
Only in my own kitchen I'll see;
Sail the seas with a crew of one
Only to ponder dreamily;
Humanitarian to save the world
I've only mended several
Scraped knees;
Artist extraordinaire
Also not for me,
Paintings to never hang
In the Louvre
Only soccer and school
Posters painted carefully;
Astronaut on a spaceship
To Mars;
The closest I've come
Was gazing at stars;
Travel the literary circuit
Book signings
Not yet;
Perhaps writing poetry
I shall just try to perfect;
I suppose we all share in
careers of many kinds;
Living everyday we dabble
Sometimes taking flight
So I've resigned myself
At this point in time;
To be the most that I can be
Accepting all those careers
Are mine!

Nancy Ellen Crossland

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