a poem by Oredola Olamilekan Ibrahim, Nigeria

verses of proportion

Many heroes had really fall;
From the tower of power tall!
Oh! Many mansions had fell and ruined,
Just from the music the lasting tune.

Though the chink may come atop the house;
But the fault had grow from base!
Say, atop the house the cracks may come,
But from the house base, the blunders come.

So, when a manor is built on sand;
And a small shed is built on rock!
Not in long time, the mansion stand,
And the small hut at small time wreck-
For the mansion is too big for its start
And the small hut too minute for its mat.

If we will at all sit in the glass,
On the early hours of Monday dawn.
Then we must build a house most class,
To the very land on which it's down;
A minute mansion on the sandy soil
A mighty mansion on the solid soil.

POET SAYS : Men that attains states too high or too low for their 'foundation' will later be failures;for their betimes away will tell on their future. Hence their aspiration should be proportionate to their past, no more no less.

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