a poem by Oredola Olamilekan Ibrahim, Nigeria

...verses of inquisition

"Why old man, do you sit and stare?
So helpless and mindful of those stairs!
What you contemplate that made you sigh?
With your ageing hair at all white-dye.
Your crinkle mass never tells of time;
When the plant flourish and smooth skin time?
What has those eyes seen in life,
That's made them so deep in drive?
Tell me,old man, why you walk on three-
Have you never with two walk free?
And your outfit, dye-brown and torn,
I guess your parent with wretch had sworn!
Oh! Tell me why you have a teeth-free mouth?
And your whole body shivering like moth.
Oh! Tell me I really want to know,
Why you have kept silent and never give a blow!"

Old man:
"Child,why you so curious about the range
Of life,you see all things will surely change
The blackish hair in the morning cry;
Must later be white in the evening dry!
The stairs of one's childhood days
Will really lead to one's old days.
My rag clothe child, depicts ageness;
Experiences composing patience and wise fullness.
Child, if you really want to know
Then watch your past,watch your throw...
Watch the stairs...looks on to the future,
It is the answers...Your onerous scripture."

"You are a living answer to your questions child."

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