Comfort for a friend

a poem by Keith Lumbard, UK

Comfort for a friend

For you our dearest friend,
With tentativeness we ask you lend.

Alone not be with thoughts of why and answers none,
Or obstacles yet overcome,
Your loss is not alone, but shared,
By those who touched his life and cared.

Feel not alas your loves not here, to touch by hand,
Another place your dreams must land,
Close your eyes and rest at ease,
And feel him there in memories,

As close as when you last caressed, and whispered sweet,
Back to that day, you first did meet,
Any memory can feel,
That what you dream is oh so real,

Take comfort in those tears you weep, when on your own,
He is there,your not alone,
For every time you shed a tear,
He cherishes, your love so dear

So be it known in years to come, and said out loud,
All your friends are very proud,
To have shown such strength and dedication,
You've been a force of inspiration.

Keith Lumbard 27/ December 2007

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