My Son's Legacy

a poem by Keith Lumbard, UK

My Son's Legacy

My Son, my friend, your future be,
The Path that lends my legacy,
The hands that wave to years that fade,
Will build the home where dreams are made.

In time that waits for you to live,
Be virtuous in all you give,
Tend to those with needs and more,
Recapture what has gone before.

Bequest the gift of breath to life,
With the one you love,your wife,
And teach of righteous ways to be,
For child to lend your legacy.

And though we dwell on different plane,
I'm always with you just the same,
Just think of me, when in despair,
Take comfort knowing,I'll be there.

Composed by Keith Lumbard 17/11/2006.

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