Doll's house

a poem by Charles Fisher, UK

The sun rose
A minute later in standard heaven's time
Orion takes Sirius for a hunt
From heaven's horizon Artemis viewed them both
The hunting God and his faithful hound
He's still sore with her she knows
Ignore her he does
Cannot blame him
She caused his faithful dog's demise
Atoned for her mistake she has
By her will
His dog became Sirius in the night sky
Very bright watchful over the other constellations
The hunter Goddess keeps well away from the hunter God
Orion stares down at Sirius and said
Zeus should made his daughter a mortal
A mortal that lives in a doll's house
Where she can do no harm

Citizens of Rome slept
In the warmth of their doll's houses
In the most elaborate mansion house
Caesar himself ruled the empire with an iron rod
His personal household he treated like doll's
Like playful dolls in a doll's house
A doggy day outside
He sacrifice many dogs to appease the God's
So that drought shall not blight his fertile land
Exhibit daily shows in the arena
Where assembled great crowds for entertainment
These activities required human blood
Sacrifice slaves to the wild man eating beasts
Gladiators sacrifice their lives in fights to the bloody end
The citizens entered and left by the turnstiles
The perish remains of the slaves and the gladiators
Carried out in the underground tunnels
Aries has an aerial crisp clear view
As endless human and animal blood is spilled
In Caesar latest Amphitheatre the Coliseum

The dolls houses grow smaller and smaller
Narrower and narrower until
They all became one object and
The many many subjects became one subject
The object shrink to a pin-size
The subjects disappeared into nothingness
The pin-size became one-point
Then the one-point became a vanishing point

Receded so far now
Artemis thought if she'll ever see Orion and Sirius again
She couldn't blame them if they didn't return

What happens now the Roman Emperor thought
All the dogs have been offered to the Gods
But the drought has dried the fertile land
Famine in Rome the population cried and died
Worry about it later Caesar thought
As he marvelled at the marvellous model
Of his latest doll's house mansion

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