a poem by Keith Lumbard, UK


When we write our deepest thoughts on paper pure and white,
Stirring our emotions and our passions to invite,
Views from those who share our verse of these they may relate,
Constructive lines of written past to muse and cerebrate,

I have written simple words, alone they stir no feeling,
Only placed in truthful edit, then my tears they,re stealing,
And when I learn the word of you, of love and loss and grief,
Hidden depths reveal extent my utter disbelief,

If you are one that reads these words, my wishes I impart,
Keep to paper pure and white and share with all your heart,
Deepest thoughts and passions, stir emotions and invite,
The poet that's in all of us, encouraging to write.

If we cant learn from those that teach,
We can teach not to inspire,
If we can share not we beseech,
We'll not yield that we require.

Composed by Keith Lumbard 29th September 2010

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