LEARNING FROM ANIMALS (limerick/alliteration)

a poem by Jacinta Ramayah, Malaysia - poetry writer, author, poet

Aged ant asked an aardvark to act,
As ally, and avoid ill impact,
But aardvark did eat,
The ant like a sweet,
For no aardvark gives ants much respect.

In a park plenty parakeets preen,
With the prettiest plumes ever seen,
Pray, Polly be mine,
But I who did pine,
Tis a pity, they flew from the scene.

Brassy bee buzzing busily by,
Bugged a beetle, a bat and a fly,
It bothered a bear,
Be gone bee, beware,
Big bear biffed, bitsy bumble bee “Bye”.

30 Sept 2010

The rhythm of this limerick is:

(da) da DA da da DA da da DA
(da) da DA da da DA da da DA
da DA da da DA
da DA da da DA
(da) da DA da da DA da da DA

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