a poem by Keith Lumbard, UK

My Brother

I am here still, breathing, living, reminiscing,
My brother eldest, you are sleeping, in safe keeping,

Can it be that all this time has past so fast,
And yet I dwell on single day that now has past,
The smoke the crowd and noises loud,
The picture of catastrophe, the spectacle for some to see,

On that solemn day your time did come to sleep,
Children kin with you embraced your trust to keep,
With you they journeyed hand in hand to find your place together,
In paradise with love and peace where you should dwell forever,

You're kin alone in anguish I did stand and languish,
In all our years of knowing, growing,
Then selfishly I stood and thought of only me,
Should hide my grief and tears from leering eyes to see,

It was that you could turn your hand to craft and graft,
With ease you could appease, defeat the task with expertise,
And always you were there, to care, with no thought twice,
At any time or any place without a motive or a price,

I arrange this accolade in script, deserved and earned for all to learn,
No higher throne, that you could sit, that would befit,
A loving son, devoted father, protective brother, like no other,
You have run through minds to wake us, take us, shape and make us,

My brother eldest, you are sleeping, in safe keeping,
I am here still, breathing, living, reminiscing,

Composed by keith Lumbard
Dedicated to my brother who died tragically with his children in March 1984

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