Bible (16) The Twelve Disciples

a poem by Rajaram Ramachandran, India - poetry writer, author, poet

“Whoever welcomes you, welcomes me
And whoever welcomes me,
Welcomes the one, who sent me,
This is the truth, believe me.”

Jesus began like this,
While giving his advice
To his disciples twelve,
How they should serve?

“Go and preach people,
The lost sheep of Israel,
Who live in misery here,
Saying, the Kingdom is near.”

“Heal whoever is sick,
Bring the dead alive back,
Wherever demons are
Away drive them far.”

“Do not carry gold, silver,
Nor a single copper,
Nor even extra shirt,
Shoes, stick, when you go out.”

“It’s God, who leads,
So, be within your needs.
Go to those houses only,
You’re welcomed warmly.”

“When they receive you,
Say, ‘Peace be with you.”
Peace will ever remain
In such friendly domain.”

“I’m sending you out,
With none to protect,
Like sheep before wolves
For this preaching purpose.”

“You must be cautious
Like dreadful snakes
But as doves, be gentle,
When you meet people.”

“Watch; you’ll face arrest.
You’ll be taken to court.
They may even whip you.
Be bold, as God is with you.”

“Say what you want to say.
Mock at you, they may.
It’ll be thro’ your mouth
God will speak the truth.”

“No pupil is greater
Than his teacher.
No slave is grater
Than his master.”

“A pupil or a slave
If he wants to thrive
Hard he should strive
Like bees in beehive.”

“This body, one may kill,
And surely can’t its soul,
But God can destroy both.
So, have fear for His wrath.”

“If anyone accepts me
He belongs to me.
Before Father in heaven
I’ll plead for his sin.”

“Whoever tries to gain
His own life will lose it.
For my sake, whoever dies
They’ll gain, as its price.”

Like this. Jesus instructed them,
In words most clear and firm.
He quoted several examples
To convince all his disciples.

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