a poem by Dwayne Leon Rankin, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

Geese are honking, Ducks are sounding,
All seen flying south to stay.
The Winter season's soon inbounding,
Cold will soon then come our way.

Leaves have fallen from the tree,
Scattered 'cross the frozen ground.
Frost is forming there to see,
On the windows there is found.

Autumn now is closing fast,
Nature soon will be asleep.
Summers warmth is now long past,
Snows will soon be falling deep.

Frozen lakes and streams are stilled,
Forming scenes of quiet peace.
Throughout the air with silence filled,
Nature’s rest will soon increase.

The land will then be covered white,
Browns and greens will no more show.
With cold the land is locked in tight,
O'er the land the snow will flow.

Winter now, to us it calls,
Bringing close this passing year.
Here upon us all it falls,
Showing us it's beauty clear.

Autumn's Day
The Passing Seasons

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