Bible (25) The Transfiguration

a poem by Rajaram Ramachandran, India - poetry writer, author, poet

Jesus went to a high mountain,
With Peter, James and John,
Where they all stayed alone,
To avoid public intervention.

A change came over Jesus,
When they looked his face,
That was shining like sun
His white clothes dazzled then.

They saw Elijah and Moses
There, talking with Jesus.
It was a pleasant surprise
To all the three disciples.

Peter said, “We’ve seen
This wonderful rare scene,
‘Cause of you, we’re here
And kept under your care.”

“I’ll make, if you permit,
For each one of you, a tent,
One for Elijah, one for Moses,
And one for my Master Jesus.”

When they were talking,
A cloud that was shining
Came over them suddenly
And a voice spoke clearly.

“This is my own dear Son,
To whom you must listen.
I’m well pleased with him.”
Terrified they all became.

Jesus came to them,
And touched them,
“Get up,” he said,
“Don’t be afraid.”

Everything became clear.
And none appeared there
Except Jesus, their Master,
Who was their caretaker.

When they came down,
Jesus told, “To no one
You’ll tell this vision,
What you’ve now seen.”

“This you don’t mention
Until the Son of Man
Has been raised from death
And you witness this truth.”


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