a poem by Oredola Olamilekan Ibrahim, Nigeria

Alexander's Consort's was a minute one;
To the enthralling beauty of this sunny lass.
The one in the saddle had really craved Her won.
Her sacrosanct beauty, a figure never seen.
The sui generis face is the really trimmed one,
For the subduement of any ennui won.
No Asian woman can really twist-
Did Her supple body all well outran!
I've never heard so sonorous timbre,
That quenches the fire of a kindling roar.
The shiny smile; I think the likely one
Borrowed by Adam for Eve's love won.
If this Svelte Lass can manage to tread in Rome,
Venus would have been banished and She enthroned.
In vain incubus will strive to meet with Her,
But with that transcendental dazzling, keeping him off.
Among beautiful maidens, never sighted one
Her top-dog beauty can rout this Svelte Lass.

Your enthralling beauty is like the Tarragon,
The Tamarind that add sweet flavor to every Taste
And more like the Taramasalata of the cooking great.
The Time warp fineness is like Tannin;
Fulfilled and useful but in number ways.
That Tangerine body akin the Talam powder,
That brought forth the beauty of every maiden take
The fleshy firm of Yours is the Terrafirma
That relieves the seafarer of his wariness.
Your beauty is the strongness in the Toddy drink,
That sent men staggering on their heels.
You are the mascot in the Tombola game,
That chance lucks for the gamblers take.
The rhythm beating of the Tom-Tom drum:
Sounds but the Tonal voice of Your beauty sings.
You are but the Shiny Topaz ring,
Worn sassy-like on the maidens thumb.
Your beauty is the Topsy-Turvy of the Tempest,
It is the billow that stirs the middle of the sea.
Oh! You are Totem symbolizing many mighty souls.

I'm ready to undertake a journey never tread
All in the course of this lissome lass.
Indefatigably would I rove the world?
From the orient, where she rise to the occident.
From the north, through the proud mountains.
Singing well enough the beauty of this Radiant Lass.
Sanctimoniously chanting Her superb beauty.
Say I'll embark on a journey so strange,
So because of this radiant soul of lass.
The whole world I'll tell how Her beauty beguiles,
Even more magnetic than the barnacle.
Destiny may be fair on you to see Her real.
I beg tell Her a swain is chanting Her beauty praise.
Longing to be fulfilled, to be engrossed with Her.
I'll work solely, and preach of this Pacifist Soul,
Without anyone at the side, no Crony!
Except with tendril of Her precinct hair,
Well enough through the journey, my Talisman!
I'll embark on a journey through out my life,
And proclaim to the world of Her beauty rare.


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