a poem by William Willis, Scotland

EVEREST-Altitude With Attitude

Glittering diamond summit,was only one day away.
Genetic characteristics,now coming to the fray.
Evaluating patience and a knack for fearing fear.
Drive ice-screw into crevice with the summit drawing near.

Speculative Winter sun,in a mortuary of blue.
Everest conquered only,by the very chosen few.
Snarling pit-bull winds with oxygen levels low.
Bar-headed geese feed on climbers down below.

Months of seasoned snowfall,lies dormant up above.
Metamorphisising snowflakes,slide like a velvet glove.
Snow now starts to shift,on the angled valley floor.
The sound every climber fears,a deathly thunderous roar.

Snow is all around them as they swim to stay on top.
It hammers down the mountain-side and just doesnt stop.
Shovels,crampons,ice-picks now litter the terrain.
Hooks and pulleys mangled from the snows heavy strain.

Rejected by the mountain as they tumble to their graves.
This altitude has attitude,no fortune for the brave.
Bar-headed geese circle in the valley of the dead.
As hours go by the snow there,has turned a crimson red

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