Bible (40) The Death of Lazarus

a poem by Rajaram Ramachandran, India - poetry writer, author, poet

A man named Lazarus,
A dear friend of Jesus,
Lived in Bethany Town,
And for days, was bedridden.

Mary, a pious woman
Lived in the same Town,
With Martha, her sister,
Separately, but was near

Once, when Jesus came,
This Mary poured perfume
On his feet and wiped them
With her hair, thus honored him.

About Lazarus, her sick brother,
To Jesus, she wrote a letter
“Lord, your friend is ill.
You bless him well.”

When Jesus received it,
He passed a comment,
“His illness will not lead
To death, but glory to God.”

“This will glorify, in turn,
One day, the Lord’s Son.
He didn’t leave early
But extended his stay.

After two days he started
But his disciples warned
To avoid going back
And facing any risk.

Jesus said, “He has fallen asleep,
I must go and wake him up.”
Jesus knew, Lazarus had died.
But they didn’t understand.

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