Bible (47) Washing The Feet

a poem by Rajaram Ramachandran, India - poetry writer, author, poet

The eve of the Festival
Of Passover didn’t go well.
Jesus knew that the hour
To quit this world was near.

His men in the world,
He had always loved,
And to the very end,
His love they earned.

Jesus with his disciples
Sat at the supper table.
The Devil came on Judas,
Who was to betray Jesus.

Jesus knew that the Father
Gave him complete power.
He knew, he came from God
And was going back to God.

He rose from the table.
With water and towel,
He washed, one by one,
His disciples’ feet clean

In his turn, Peter said,
“Don’t wash mine, Lord.”
Jesus said, “You’ll better
Know its purpose later,”

“If I don’t wash your feet
My disciple, you’re not.
Peter said, “Then Lord,
Also wash my hand and head.”

Jesus replied, “Anyone,
A bath, when he had taken,
He’s completely clean,
While unclean his feet remain.”

“All of you are clean,
All, except the one.”
Jesus already knew well
The betrayer among all.

After washing their feet,
Back he sat in his seat.
“As I washed your feet,”
He said, “This you repeat.”

“Wash one another’s feet
This example I’ve set.
On the hope, you’ll do,
What I’ve done to you.”

“No slave is greater
Than his master,
No messenger is greater
Than the Father.”

“Now, this truth you know.
In practice, you must show.
How happy you’ll be then,
Not among you the one.”

“The man, who shared
And taken my food,
Now turned against me
Later, this you’ll see.”

“When it does happen
You’ll know then,
I Am, who I Am,
As the one sent by Him.”

That he was the Son of God
Sent here by the Lord,
Jesus had revealed this,
Not one, but at many places

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