Bible (48) The Lord's Supper

a poem by Rajaram Ramachandran, India - poetry writer, author, poet

After washing their feet,
Jesus took up his seat
And said, “You’ll all see,
One of you’ll betray me.”

“Who could it be that one?
Lord, Am I that man?”
Each one asked their Master,
Who gave them an answer.

“Some bread I’ll dip
In the sauce of my cup
And I’ll give it to him
And you’ll know him.”

So, he took a piece,
And gave it to Judas,
Who took it silently,
And went out quickly.

It was dark night,
When Judas left.
Jesus continued to tell
His final words well.

“My children, carefully hear,
Don’t look for me here.
As my last hour is near,
You’ll see me never.”

“As I love you forever,
You must love each other.
My true disciples, if you’re
You’ll do this for me ever.”

“Where’re you going, Lord,”
In a distress tone, Simon asked.
“Now you can’t follow me,
But later you’ll follow me.”

Like this, when Jesus said,
“For you I’ll die,” he replied.
Jesus said, “Are you really
To die with me ready”

“Before the cock crows,
You’ll be saying thrice,
That you don’t know me,
Which I’m going to see.”

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